Resident Kingdom is a resource site dedicated to providing resources throwing emphasis on the wonderful message on the gospel of grace and relating how the Biblical endtimes have been fulfilled as Jesus and the Apostles prophecied it in the events leading to the fall of Jerusalem in AD70.

We will take the time to examine Bible passages to unearth truth from seemingly difficult prophetic passages. We believe in the authenticity of the scriptures as it gave specific timelines as to the nearness of those events in the lifetime of the disciples. This is the missing link in Bible study which has resulted in loads of failed prophecies about the “second coming of the Lord

Resident Kingdom is hosted by Simeon Edigbe. He pastors a young and growing church in Lagos, Nigeria named Gloryville Christian Centre. He is the author of the book “Your talk is your future”. He is wonderfully married to his wife Comfort Edigbe and are blessed with three lovely kids.