Moving Past Guilt

Sarah a few years back, swung out on to the outer lane to overtake a slow moving van and collided head on with an oncoming truck. Her husband was killed on the spot and her son was paralyzed waist down. Years later, her sense of guilt continues to blame her cruelly over her fatal error […]

Stop Paying Debts to God!

Many people are living their lives collecting and paying debts to God. They are dragged around with a lot of religious activities in order to keep a place in God’s good book. People are trying to settle their heavenly accounts so that on the last day their “Rapture Cheques” won’t bounce. In a bid to […]


These seven Feasts represent and typify the sequence, timing, and significance of the major events of the Lord’s redemptive career. It is remarkable that there are seven in number of which seven stands for the completeness and perfection of the finished work of Jesus. To properly understand the feast we are making use of typology. […]


There is a strong connection between righteousness and the resurrection of the dead. Adam’s death caused man to lose right standing before the Father. This further led man into darkness a biological death where he was trapped in Sheol/Hades/Hell. Jesus resurrection and ascension reversed that pattern. That is why no one under the old covenant […]

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