Amazing Revelation of President Trump in the Bible? Surely Not

In a recent episode of Sid Roth’s “It supernatural” Michael Brown stood in as the anchor and Jonathan Cahn, author of the Harbinger was featured. President Trump was the highlight of Bible prophecy being fulfilled in our time.


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He recently published a book titled “The Paradigm” . he explains everything that is happening to the USA is a repeat of history in mystery. He drew comparisons with Israel and the US knowing God, turning away from God, promoting immorality and lifting children as sacrifices to Baal. He explains further that there is a particular time that apostasy accelerates that the leaders begin to uphold evil over good. He believes strongly America stands currently at that point.


He points out that at that point the “Paradigm” becomes specific with dates. He draws comparison with Bill Clinton with Ahab in shared nature of evil acts. He sites Clinton as the first president to champion abortion. Then draws in his scandal too as a common link. He even goes specific to the point of stating that both Ahab and Bill Clinton spends the same number of days in political office/rule; 22 years.


At this point he is able to stun his audience with this thread of information. He seems to be going somewhere with these pieces of evidence from historical records. He is postulating that God is sending a prophetic warning concerning judgment for America, Israel and the whole world.


There’s a lot that he strings together in the pivotal events that occurs during the reign of former US president Bill Clinton. They eventually come to the conclusion that “The Paradigm” actually predicts President Trump and current events in the states.


He further says that Trump is the anti-type of Jehu, the warrior. He runs with craze to the throne. They both agreed that the personality of Jehu fits Trump in his characteristic demeanor. They call Trump “God’s wrecking ball” to fight against “Jezebel” who likened to be “Hilary Clinton”. The emergence of President Trump in the US elections that saw the defeat of Hilary Clinton was for them bible “paradigm” repeated.


Finally Jonathan states that as with the time of Jehu when he went to the city’s capital that the temple of Baal was fallen. In Trump’s rise the actual temple of Baal in the middle east fell too. At this point, one would become like “Is God saying here”


TV programs like this go a long way to show the research skills of people who can use the Bible to peddle their idea of the significance of events. The problem is that there are issues with these kinds of eisegesis.


Is there truth in any of these?

Firstly we have to admit and come to know that the USA is not in covenant with God as with Israel and as such is not a “godly” nation. Unfortunately all the old testament terms and conditions for blessings was only upon Israel. It is quite strange to bring in the outdated covenant that God has with Israel and draw it only to the United states of America.


Making America God’s covenanted nation must be quite an abuse to Christians in other countries who would just as much like it if God made a special deal with them. The reality is that no nation on the planet today has a covenant foothold with God. He doesn’t play favouritism with people much less nations.


What is also most important to note is that God is even done with that system of recognition. The cross symbolizes that God destroyed the law that was a wall of partition preventing other people, non-jews from having access to God. The events leading to AD70 proved God final decision in ending a system where one nation or tribe would stand as the centre of the universe. Hence the new creation, the man in Christ was born and he alone embodies the covenanted relationship with God. It is not nations but people.


While the historical events seems common, we may find out that there are many other events in many other places that could be drawn in such ways to demonstrate “repeat patterns”. The focus is not for us to draw on the mystery of dates but unearth the mysteries of the goodness of God as revealed in Jesus and keep projecting the future by the agenda of the kingdom of God here on earth.


If we always have to go back to the old testament to look for patterns to see the future, we will take our eyes of Jesus and build things based on shadows and not substance. There are certain possibilities that the future holds as the kingdom gathers momentum in revelation and knowledge. Our responsibilities is to keep our eyes open to that what the Spirit is showing us in the face of Jesus and speak forth His pronouncements over our nations and communities.


The church is not keep being occupied by the mysteries of the old covenant but feed on the glorious revelation of Jesus to project life and hope to our world.


What are your thoughts?




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