Dear friends, 
We are blessed to have reached 10,000 hits in the 2 years that we have been active. We would like thank everyone who have visited us and also share our notes and articles. We pray that you have been blessed. We hope that the blog has been glorifying to Jesus and have been full of grace.

Many thanks to all who took out time to view our posts. Also to those whose posts made a difference in someone’s life. It’s all Jesus and Reigning Life is committed to serving you God’s grace and grace-based eschatology. 

Special thanks goes out to the audience in the USA, Nigeria, UK, France, Indonesia, Kenya, Netherlands etc who ranked tops. 

The top 5 post so far have been:
1.  Another look at the Parable of the Richman and Lazarus.
2.  Rapture and Endtime: How did we get here?
3.  Dating the book of Revelation.

4.  Ebola and the Endtimes.
5.  Why ISIS is not the beast or Revelation.

Grace to you all.

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