If you have blessed by this blog, you could take it further by inviting us to your church event, programme or conference.

We believe in sharing the gospel of grace to reveal the beauty and loveliness of Jesus even in eschatology. 

We believe that sound teachings in the word of grace establishes the heart of God’s people to walk in their sonship priviledge.

Christ’s work at Calvary has entered all of us into a better covenant, with a whole new set of better promises. Jesus has taken the judgment of sin  against and thus we have righteousness imputed to us. We can now walk freely in His abundant grace and provision, knowing that He has given us all things freely and has done so through the finished work of Christ. Every blessing that God grants your way is His way of reminding you of His covenant of grace.

If you would want to have me as a speaker in your local assembly. Please contact us to that we add it to my itinerary for the year.

Pls call: 234 818 887 7008, 234 802 592 2772
Facebook page: gloryvillechristiancentre

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