God resists the proud (a man who is self righteous trusting in his works and obedience) but gives grace to the humble (receivers of His grace, unmerited favor and His gift of Righteousness through His Son Jesus Christ). Humility is living in the finished work of Jesus, receiving His grace upon grace and His gift of righteousness. All of Him and none of us. And He will exalt you in due time as you cast all of your care upon Him. 

We cannot live taking care of our cares ourselves, that is pride, that is self righteousness.

When negative things happen do you blame God? That is self righteousness in disguise.
You’re telling Him that you deserve all of His goodness because of what you are able to do, giving the impression that He has punished you. You are putting the finished work of Jesus to the side.
 When negative things happen do you blame yourself? That is self righteousness also.
 You are telling Him that His goodness and blessings in your life are because of your obedience and works. You are putting the finished work of Jesus to the side and living under your own self righteousness.
This is all living under the law, under your self righteousness. The only way to resist the enemy is to live only receiving His grace and His gift of righteousness 100% of the time, this is what it means to remain steadfast in the faith, believing in His complete finished work. Don’t ever think that the more you read the Word or pray or serve or give offerings qualifies you for the God’s goodness in your life. This is living under self righteousness and God resist the self righteous (the proud).
You do those things because of His goodness in your life. Trusting in your righteous acts alone will prevent His grace from flowing in your life and the enemy has found a target whom He can devour, under the law you are living in the flesh and sin has dominion over you. This is the story of Job. And when negative things happen in your life you blame yourself and God. Notice how nobody ever blamed the devil in his case.
Even the world that doesn’t believe in God will blame themselves and Him when bad things happen because they are under the knowledge of good and evil (the law) – Romans 2:14-15. That is why they call natural disasters “Acts of God” in insurance policies. 

Fiery darts will come but you have been given the shield of faith (Jesus Himself), believe in His finished work, His truth in His Word (sweet waters) instead of what you see that is based on worldly knowledge (bitter waters).

In 1 Peter and also in the book of James you will see that suffering is never from God. But God’s grace (the fullness of Jesus) cannot flow into our lives when we are living under the law (merit system) in pride and self righteousness. 

A life under the law and self righteousness is a life that the enemy can attack, his roars point us an awareness of ourselves and the knowledge of good and evil (merit system) that traps us in the prison of sin-consciousness. It is this scheme that denies many the opportunity to flourish in God’s unreserved grace. 

Keep your on the saviour who is your righteousness. You are righteous for him but have been made righteous as him in His resurrection. The revelation of your identity in Him connects you to truth on your position and inheritance in Him. This is the key to walking in the miraculous. It is not about what you can do to earn the anointing but where you have been placed in Him. We are placed in the incorruptible life of God as sons. This is the definition of the adoption of sonship. Don’t let the enemy place you again under the system that finds life in performance and not in God himself.

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