Mark Biltz and John Hagee have indirectly hinted that the second coming of Christ, the battle of Gog and Magog or Jesus planting his feet on the mount of Olives based on Zech 14, Joel 2 and Matthew 24 or some other huge catastrophic event on from April 14th through 23 September 2015.

They have taken literally the statements “the moon shall turn to blood” and are using to predict a coming and many forget that the book of Revelation informs us that they are signs. Based on the timing of the 2nd coming it means we are already in the millennial reign of Christ.

Hagee says Joel 2:31 “the sun will be darkened, the moon will be turned to blood” is going to be fulfilled in the following:

a) 2014: two lunar eclipses
b) 2015: solar eclipse (sun will be darkened)
c) 2015: two lunar eclipses
d) 2015: Thursday, November 28. Hanukkah and Thanksgiving on same day.

The blood moons which scientists have informed us called Tetrads. According to scientists this tetrads (four consecutive lunar eclipses) are common over last 4000 years:

1. There are 111 lunar tetrads on record by NASA between 1999 BC and today (the 2014-2015 tetrad will be the 112th).
2. Incidentally, 56 of those were BC, which means the coming tetrad is the 56th AD (which means nothing, since NASA’s record could have gone back further than 1999 BC).
3. Of the 55 tetrads that have occurred since the first century AD, there have been 7 (not 3) of them have coincided with Jewish holy days.

Biltz has figured out When will the Messiah come. September 23, 2015. And yet Jesus said, “…of that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.” (Mark 13:32) In verse 33 He says, “Take heed, watch and pray; for you do not know when the time is.” Are we to believe that Biltz knows the time, but the Lord Himself does not?

Their public videos and the books look remarkable and convincing but even a superficial examination exposes the error that leads people away from truth. The unfortunate thing is that many Christians do not even study their Bible when it comes to issues like this.

So they someone do their study for them.
A cross study of their statements reveals a Zionist theology. Biltz and Hagee are huge proponents of national Israel and believe that the Jews remain God’s chosen people. Hagee believes the Jewish people will be saved without becoming Christians before they die. Biltz is part of the Hebrew Roots movement, which casts doubt on the writing of the apostle Paul, and affirms that the Jewish nation “…will fulfill their mission in taking Torah to the nations.” The apostle Peter confirmed and accepted the writings of the apostle Paul as Scripture (2 Peter 3:14-16). There is no mission to take the Torah to the nations – the Torah is a dead law (Romans 10:1-4; 2 Corinthians 3:7-18; Ephesians 2:14-16; Colossians 2:14-17; Hebrews 8:6-13; etc.).

Absolutely, the Bible speaks of the celestial bodies being used for signs, and there are a number of times in the Scriptures where this was the case (some are listed above). Language about the sun, moon and stars is used prophetically of the fall of Babylon (Isaiah 13:10), the destitution of Egypt (Ezekiel 32:7), the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 AD (Joel 2:10, 31), etc.. But, here’s the thing: the lunar eclipses that Biltz and Hagee are claiming to be signs of impending event in Jewish history are not foretold in the Bible.

God’s word did not speak about tetrads of lunar eclipses being associated with events in Jewish history to take place in the 1400s, the 1900s, nor the 2000s. The significance of these tetrads and the stated events is entirely based upon their Zionist theology, which as indicated above, is contrary to the Bible.

Joel 2 is the Biblical evidence used by Biltz to link the Lord’s return with these coming eclipses. Verse 31 speaks of the sun being turned dark (assumed by Biltz to be a solar eclipse), and the moon into blood (assumed by Biltz to be a lunar eclipse). But what about the earthquake and the stars (v 10)? If Joel 2 is about the Messiah’s return, why hasn’t Biltz (and Hagee) been explaining where these fit in also?

Joel 2:28ff is not about the Messiah’s return in our time and age. The Bible has already revealed what the text is about. In Acts 2, where the beginning of the church is recorded (Acts 2:38-47), Peter declared, “…this is what was spoken by the prophet Joel…” (v 16). Joel’s prophecy spoke of the gifts of the Spirit and the message of salvation. Both of these were revealed on that day. 

What about the darkening of the celestial bodies and the “great and awesome day of the LORD” referenced by Joel? These did not happen that day. These are parallel to Matthew 24:28-30. The greater context in Matthew 24:1-36 deals with the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 AD, which includes the Messiah’s return in judgment.

These were signs that God was to put out the lights in Israel and that the Jewish system of worship was to end and another to be established. A new nation where its foundation would be Jesus and Him crucified would be the new world established by grace. 

As John saw in Revelation 21:
22 And I saw no temple therein: for the Lord God Almighty and the Lamb are the temple of it.
23 And the city had no need of the sun, neither of the moon, to shine in it: for the glory of God did lighten it, and the Lamb is the light thereof.
These glory is now in the face of Jesus. This is where the kingdom is established.

Now according to data, the dates for the other 4 lunar tetrads which occur on Jewish holy days are:
Historic Tetrads that fell on all four feast days ignored by Hagee
162 AD
Passover – April 17, 162 AD
Passover – April 06, 163 AD
Tabernacles – October 11, 162 AD
Tabernacles – September 30, 163 AD
795 AD
Passover – April 09, 795 AD
Passover – March 28, 796 AD
Day of Atonement – October 03, 795 AD
Day of Atonement – September 21, 796 AD
842 AD
Passover – March 30, 842 AD
Passover – March 19, 843 AD
Day of Atonement – September 23, 842 AD
Day of Atonement – September 12, 843 AD
860 AD
Passover – April 09, 860 AD
Passover – March 30, 861 AD
Day of Atonement – October 03, 860 AD
Day of Atonement – September 22, 861 AD

Other historic Tetrads:
May 16, 2003
November 9, 2003
May 4, 2004
October 28, 2004
May 4, 1985
October 28, 1985
April 14, 1986
October 17, 1986
April 24, 1967
October 18, 1967
April 13, 1968
October 6, 1968
April 13, 1949
October 7, 1949
April 2, 1950
September 26, 1950
June 15, 1927
December 8, 1927
June 3, 1928
November 27, 1928
June 4, 1909
November 27, 1909
May 24, 1910
November 17, 1910
January 31, 1580
July 26, 1580
January 19, 1581
July 16, 1581
January 20, 1562
July 16, 1562
January 9, 1563
July 5, 1563
February 9, 1533
August 4, 1533
January 30, 1534
July 25, 1534
March 12, 1522
September 5, 1522
March 1, 1523
August 1, 1523
January 30, 1515
July 25, 1515
January 19, 1516
July 13, 1516
March 1, 1504
August 25, 1504
February 18, 1505
August 14, 1505
April 2, 1493
September 25, 1493
March 22, 1494
September 15, 1494
March 22, 1475
September 15, 1475
March 10, 1476
September 3, 1476
March 11, 1457
September 3, 1457
February 28, 1458
August 24, 1458
March 31, 1428
September 23, 1428
March 20, 1429
September 23, 1429
April 20, 1399
October 15, 1399
April 9, 1400
October 3, 1400
May 11, 1370
November 4, 1370
April 30, 1371
October 24, 1371
April 30, 1352
October 23, 1352
April 19, 1353
October 13, 1353
May 31, 1341
November 23, 1341
May 21, 1342
November 13, 1342
May 21, 1323
November 13, 1323
May 9, 1324
November 1, 1324
May 9, 1305
November 2, 1305
April 29, 1306
October 22, 1306

901-1000 AD
6 tetrads

100-199 BC
3 tetrads
801-900 AD
8 tetrads

200-299 BC
6 tetrads
701-800 AD
3 tetrads

300-399 BC
7 tetrads
401-500 AD
3 tetrads

400-499 BC
1 tetrads
301-400 AD
4 tetrads

700-799 BC
1 tetrads
201-300 AD
6 tetrads

800-899 BC
7 tetrads
101-200 AD
3 tetrads

900-999 BC
7 tetrads
There are another 24 listed by NASA from 1000-1999 BC

See below historic tetrads of Biltz and Hagee and MISSING TETRADS!
A. Missing Tetrads of greater importance to Israel
1.       There was no Tetrad in 1446 BC when Israel left Egypt in the Exodus
2.       There was no Tetrad in 1406 BC when Joshua entered Canaan in the Conquest
3.       There was no Tetrad in 723 BC when the ten northern tribes went into Assyrian    Captivity
4.       There was no Tetrad in in 587 BC when Judah went into Babylonian captivity
5.       There was no Tetrad in 538 BC when Cyrus proclaims the Jews could return to Canaan.
6.       There was no Tetrad in 533 BC when the Jews began their return to Canaan from Babylon and arrived in Jerusalaem.
7.       There was no Tetrad in 1-2 BC when Jesus was born
8.       There was no Tetrad in 33 AD when Jesus was crucified
9.       There was no Tetrad in 70 AD when Jerusalem was destroyed
10.   There was no Tetrad in 135 when Hadrian renamed Jerusalem “Aelia Capitolina”, renamed the land “Palestine” after Israel’s archenemy the “Philistines” (Goliath) and killed all the Jews and expelled them from Canaan.
11.   There was no Tetrad in 1943 AD when Hitler killed 6 million Jews during the Holocaust of the second world war.

The “Four Blood Moon” theology of Biltz and Hagee is “Endtime error” in circulation. The supposed significance to this fairly common celestial occurrence is just to further postulate the error of the 2nd coming of Jesus which took when he appeared in judgment over Israel in 70AD. It is not something that God has revealed, either through Scripture or to them.

Biltz and Hagee focus on the three mentioned above because they perceive a connection between these celestial activities and major events in Jewish history. Their prediction involves the destruction of Iran and some Arab nations. These are false predictions like the over 400 I have personally seen or read. The problem is that they put God’s children in fear and drive them to works-based Christianity. The above scriptures have already been fulfilled in 70AD when Jerusalem and the temple was destroyed. 

 Be not afraid the Kingdom is expanding and that is the most important news we need to hear.


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