On a daily basis people are engaged in business transactions which involve buying and selling. A currency is a generally accepted unit of exchange that facilitates the transfer of goods and services. In order for you to make an exchange you must have the  proper money that is accepted in that location.

You cannot go to Algeria to purchase items using the Naira. You have to convert what you have to purchase what you want. Our words are currencies in the realm of the spirit. Through the words of our mouth, we trade off things into our life. Many people are not making purchases or not able to get to trade off God’s best for their lives because they are trying to use the wrong currency in the kingdom of God.

Heaven doesn’t understand that you are a sinner who is poor, broke and sick because God has made provisions for you in the new covenant that He has with you. In Ephesians 1:3 “God said that we are blessed with all spiritual blessings in the heavenly places in Christ.”

So when you come before God and tell Him that you are under a curse even as born again child of God and that He must deliver you; He doesn’t understand that language. God knows that His sons are birthed by Him and that He cannot be cursed. So where is the curse coming from? Even when Adam ate the forbidden fruit and hid himself from God. God asked him “who told thee that thou wast naked?”

Many Christians are describing themselves by their condition instead of by the finished work of Jesus Christ. The scripture describes us as partakers of His divine nature (2 Peter 1:4). That means that I am supernaturally natural. Halleluyah!!!

You have no business speaking poverty, sickness, misery, ill-luck, death or defeat. That is not the currency in the kingdom of God. They will never release God’s blessings over your life. What is available for you in the kingdom is what the grace of God has provided.

What you bring into your life is what you have ordered for. When you want to make an order in a quality restaurant you are giving a menu list. After going through it, then you place your order. When you want to enjoy God’s provision in any area of your life, search God’s word concerning that area and place an order by releasing faith-filled words.  Faith-filled words is the currency in the supernatural realm.  You trade off prosperity, health and success by the words you release in faith. Likewise fear filled words is the currency used in Satan’s world. Solomon said in Proverbs 6:2 “Thou are snared by the words of thy mouth, thou art taken with the words of thy mouth.”

Whatever you want out of life you can transfer it into your life by calling it forth based on God’s word. You have an opportunity every day to order life and recreate your world through your confession. God wants you to enjoy and see good days. You can trade in your heart desire and trade off whatever doesn’t give God glory. If you are down with sickness or pain that has lingered so long, it’s time for a trade off. Declare “By His stripes I am healed. I am the healed one in Christ Jesus. I live in divine health, sickness or pain has no part in my life. Halleluyah.” The finished work of Jesus should be your testimony and reality.

To successfully negotiate business transaction one of the basic things you must do is to gather fact or acquire knowledge of the subject matter. This puts you in a position to get a good deal. This also applies in life. For you to get the best out of life, you must know what God has provided for you in His word. Deep knowledge in God’s word positions you to use your tongue to trade in God’s best.

Knowledge gives you confidence and empowers you to be in a position where you demand for what you want. Sadly many of God’s children are cheated into thinking that God’s best blessings are reserved for those who are perfect. They don’t know that with God’s promises they can  receive God’s goodness.
So they struggle to improve their purchasing power to get blessed by God. The only mistake is that they are trying to access divine currency with human self-worth. Off course that leads to further devaluation of the currency they are supposed to trade with.

Human efforts to reach God’s blessings only end up bringing down your ability to trade your in God’s blessing. We need to understand our righteousness which is our right standing before God is not based on what we do but on what Christ has done. Christ finished on the cross has transferred into our heavenly account spiritual blessings.

The Word of God is the currency of heaven. When we trade with God’s word of grace (His unmerited favour) we get blessings that we don’t deserve even when we don’t deserve it. But when we want to follow after the law we can only get blessed based on our performance or perfection which in reality is getting ourselves short-changed of God’s best for us.    

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