Your words are seeds.  A seed is a propagative or reproductive part of a plant. A seed will always produce after its kind. Apple will produce apple like orange will produce oranges. You cannot sow beans and expect to reap mangoes except you are having a cartoon nightmare.

Your words are seeds. What you say has a future. If you don’t like your present, learn to continually speak your desired future. Every seed is a potential forest.

Just consider your business, career, or ministry as a farm land, you as the farmer and your words as the seeds you intend to sow. So the question is: what kind of life, business, marriage, career or ministry do you dream of? If that business you see is a successful one then begin to release “success-seeds”.

In the parable of the sower as written in Mark chapter 4: The Bible says in verse 14 “The sower soweth the word”. You have a responsibility to sow the word of God into your life and in all that concerns you. Too many complain and gripe about how it is not working for them and they don’t realize that they are still sowing seeds by those statements.

No matter what you go through or what level you find yourself, sow the seed of God’s word.  You are the sower and the reaper that matters. It doesn’t matter what others have said about you, sow the word. The future is in the seed. The future you desire is in the seed of the word.

I also want you to realize that you should avoid speaking the word of God now and become negative after. If you sow tares among the wheat, the tares can end up choking the word from growing. If you let the tares grow up among the wheat, you can end up a mixed harvest. Some people end up succeeding and receiving bad news at the same time. The bad news overwhelms the good news and they become disappointed and heart-broken. You don’t have to live a rising-and-falling life as some people that say that life is full of ups and downs.

Reject that talk. It’s not from God infact it’s a lie from the pit of hell. The Bible talks about the path of the just that shines brighter and brighter (Proverbs 4:18). It only gets better and better with God. Don’t settle in for what is common. What is common is enemy to that which is perfect.

Your life right now is the harvest of the seeds you sowed yesterday. Your life will still be the harvest of the seeds you are sowing now. Whatever is in a seed must reproduce after it’s own kind. Every seed has a DNA that is unique to it. So the seed released still only reproduces itself. Check your tongue.
Proverbs 21:23 “Whoso keepeth his mouth and tongue keepeth his soul from trouble”. If your life or business is full of trouble then it is time you do a check-up from the neck-up. Stretch your tongue and check your idle words. Talk yourself out of your situation.

The scripture says in Hebrew 12:4a “For the word is quick and powerful… “. In the King James version of the Bible, the word quick actually means to make alive and not fast. The Moffat’s translation of the New Testament puts it this way “For the word of God is a living thing”.
God’s word is alive. When it becomes a living reality to you, it becomes powerful. Every living thing imparts life. Every living thing has the capacity to reproduce life. When you speak forth God’s word into your situation, project, relationship, business or marriage you have just released a living force which will reproduce after its kind.

Scriptures tells us that as long as the earth remains, seedtime and harvest time shall not cease. You are always sowing and you are always reaping the seeds of the spoken words over your life. Your heart is the farmland where you are sowing those seeds. That is why Solomon advised us to guard our heart with all diligence.

The question to you is, what have you created with your words? The Bible tells us when a man guards his mouth and keeps his tongue, he keeps himself from trouble (Proverbs 21:23, Amplified Bible).

Is your life full of trouble or strife? If so, it could be that idle words have played a powerful role, whether consciously or subconsciously. Idle words are words spoken but not believed. Jesus said in Matthew 12:36 that, “… men will have to give account for every idle (inoperative, nonworking) word they speak.”

The fact that you will one day give an account for every idle word should motivate you to choose your words wisely and stop taking things for granted. ! 
Do you speak faith—filled words of life over your physical body? Or do you say things like, “I will probably catch cancer or fever. After all, it runs in my family? You know people have a way of explaining why they need to have a particular sickness. They say things like “You know fever is in the air and everywhere, that I have it”

This sort of talk turns on the death cycle and connects you to the very thing you do not want to happen. If you want to experience health or success in any area of your life, you must make the decision to turn on the life cycle, by searching the scriptures and declaring what the Word says about you. God’s Word produces life (Joshua 1:8)!

So realize that you are the farmer and you have the whole farm to yourself. Your heart is the garden for the word. Plant the seeds of God’s word, water it by declaring over and over again and watch God bring the increase.

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