Your life will take on a completely meaning when you start to discover God as Father. Grace is the influence that our Father God has on us. Grace is not about sin or dealing with sin. It is his heartbeat for us when he sees us and whenever he thinks about us. 

Grace was before the issue of sin came. Grace came to deal with sin when man realised that no one could deal with it after spending 1,500 under the law. Our righteous performances did not invite his compassion. It was our mess ups and failures that moved His heart towards us.

All the Father wanted, was for his son to return back home. All he wanted was to be the one who would provide the best for his offspring. Grace is the father’s heart occupied heart breathing to live for his children. 

Open your heart to his fatherhood. He will your heart and soul. He will free you from the shackles of the past. He will secure the future for you. He will carry your burden in exchange for His very light weight. 

See the father’s love for you today and be liberated. 

A sneeze may be a small thing, but there is nothing too small when it concerns your child because if it affects him, it affects you too. It’s just the same with Him. You are still God’s child, so don’t think that your problem is too small for God. If it is important to you, it is important to your Father too. Beloved, always remember that He is your Abba, Father!

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