Understanding the biblical “last days” is one hotly contested topic. I believe the bible that mentions it is the best answer for it. Through out scripture we see references to the phrase “last days” “end of the age”, “last hour” “last times”. These phrases which written to an audience must have relevance to them primarily or else the essence of the corresponding prophecies would be irrelevant to them.

Peter declared that “the end of all things was at hand.” (1 Peter 4:7) as it related to the church of the 1st century. They seeing the end of the Mosaic age and knew that they were also in transition into the New covenant age where was coming at the return of Jesus in His “Messiahship”.

In this video link provided you will see the 1st of a series of messages that will attempt to explain this concept in a way that anyone can understand it. 

Enjoy this video. 

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